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Beamless Arch: What is a beamless metal arch roof?
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The arched roof structure is a large-span roof structure that uses the supporting equipment of Sanxing Company. Generally, color-coated coiled steel plates with a thickness of 0.6-1.5 mm/width between 300-1250 are used as raw materials. The large-span roof structure is formed after pressing, locking, and hoisting . It is designed to have a short construction period, low investment, and fast construction. It is widely used in military facilities, stadiums, industrial plants, warehouses, garages, hangars, etc.

Large span

The arched roof structure has no beams and purlins, no roof trusses, and a large space can be formed at one time. The large span can reach 42 meters without support. There are no beams and no purlins, and the wall and floor can achieve architectural beauty. The large-span arched roof is shaped like a flying rainbow and has a light body, giving people a brand-new beauty.

Diversified combination

The architectural styles of the arched roof are diverse, and straight grooved slabs and traditional structures can be arbitrarily combined into different forms of buildings, increasing the use of space, ingenuity, and endless changes.

Plate selection, mechanical biting and seaming

Sanxing Company routinely uses Baosteel's color high-strength TS28 galvanized sheet for the production of metal arched roofs, which are mechanically snapped and sealed, airtight and airtight, saving time and improving efficiency.

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