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Equipment for polyurethane spraying
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Equipment for polyurethane spraying

The black material and white material are heated and pressurized by polyurethane, forming a high-pressure impact in the spray gun, forming a vortex and mixing very well. The high-speed moving materials form fine mist droplets at the nozzle of the spray gun and spray them evenly on the surface of the object. The uniformity of mixing and the effect of atomization will affect.

The entire polyurethane spraying system includes: the main engine, spray gun, heating pipe, lifting pump, and connecting pipes between various parts, spare parts, related tools, air compressor (1m³, 8 kg pressure).

The flat pump polyurethane spraying machine can provide greater and more stable pressure, which is becoming increasingly popular in major design departments. The perfect coaxial structure design of the horizontal booster pump minimizes the wear of the seals, there is no pressure difference during operation, and the reversing pressure fluctuation value is ideal and stable; the high-speed circulating lubricating fluid in the anti-solidification lubricating cylinder can be quickly carried To avoid the leakage of raw materials or impurities, the black material shaft is always immersed in the lubricating fluid to avoid crystallization.

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