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Features of long span roll forming machine
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Features of long span roll forming machine

Features of Super Long and Large Span Roll Forming Machine:

  ·The rollers are all made of high-quality structural steel, finely forged,   and the surface is hard chrome plated. The rollers have high hardness and long   life.


  ·The molding part is equipped with an automatic conveying color steel plate   power device, which can press 0.6~1.6mm thick color steel plate. During the   molding, there is no need to frequently adjust the rolling gap due to the change   in the thickness of the sheet, to ensure the normal production of color plates   without scratching the coating film. , Just like a "fool camera", the operation   is simple, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed.

  ·The length of the board can be measured by electronic measuring   instruments or mechanical measuring instruments. The adjustment of the curvature   of the arch plate adopts a power hand wheel and a counter, which is simple to   operate and ensures the accuracy of quality and size.

  ·The spreader is light, easy to load and unload, and the lifting speed is   fast.

The main equipment produced by Sanxing is:

 UBM Vertical Type Cold Roll Forming Machine

 ACM No-Girder Arch Roof Forming Machine

No-Girder Nut&Bolt Multiple Shape Building Producing Line

Military Large Span Beamless Building Machinery

Screw-joint No-Girder Large Span Roof Making Machine

No-girder Small Span Building Machine

Double-groove No-girder Screw-Joint Multiple Shape Building Machine

KR Standing Seam Roof Forming Machine

Spiral Seaming Type Steel Silo Machine

Standing Seam Dome Roofing Fan-shaped Panel Machine

Gutter and Irregular Machine

Flat Sheet Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Glazed Tile Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Producing Line

Automatic Stacker

Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine

Automatic Slitting Line

Rolling Door Producing Line

Guard Rail Forming Machine

U/C/Z Shape Steel Purlin Machine

Light Steel-Frame Structure Production Line

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Bending Machine

Automatic Lifting Platform

Gable Wall Bending Machine

High Pressure Polyurethane Insulation Machine

Sanxing SP Painting production line

Sx-50 steel coil transporter

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