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Main advantages of Sanxing Zhenyan SP
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 Real Rock SPAdvantage 1: Strong decoration, with thick paste coatings imitating natural stone, marble and granite. Natural color, with the texture of natural stone, various line grid designs, can provide various three-dimensional shapes of pattern structure, can visually highlight the elegance and solemn beauty of the entire building, and is the best substitute for dry-hanging stone for exterior walls.

Real Rock SPAdvantage 2: Wide application

It can be used for metal, cement brick wall, foam, gypsum, aluminum plate, glass and other base surfaces, and can be painted at will according to the shape of the building.

Advantage 3: Water-based environmental protection

The use of water-based emulsion is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and meets people's requirements for environmental protection.

Advantage 4: Good stain resistance

90% of the dirt is difficult to adhere to. After the rain has washed it, it is as bright as new, and manual cleaning is easier.

Advantage five: long service life

The service life can be as long as 25 years.

Advantage six: economical

Good quality SP real rock paint, the market price per square meter is about 70-150 yuan (including construction), dry hanging stone including installation fee is at least 400 yuan/square meter or more, the cheapest SP real rock paint material cost is only 15- At 25 yuan, SP Real Rock Paint has an absolute cost-effective advantage.

Advantage seven: no security risks

The use of stone dry hanging on the outer wall will load thousands of tons of additional burden, which will seriously endanger life and property. SP real rock paint uses 4-5㎏/㎡, which only accounts for 1/30 of the weight of the stone. It has strong adhesion and will not fall off as a whole, which effectively guarantees safety.

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