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Ten advantages of beamless arch roof
Release time: 2020-12-24 16:16:49  Hits: 228

1.Girderless vaulted roof  No beams and purlins, open space, large spanning capacity, and any design within 42 meters of span.

2. Low cost, less investment, economical.

3. The design and construction period is short, and the roof building of 2000 square meters can be installed every day.

4. Colored galvanized steel sheet, mechanical seam connection, natural waterproof, no leakage.

5. Beautiful appearance, sturdy and durable, no maintenance.

6. Light weight, scientific and reasonable overall structure, superior wind and seismic performance.

7. Wind resistance and snow load resistance, can withstand strong winds of 160km/n per hour, and can withstand snow loads of 148kg/m2.

8. Beautiful appearance, bright colors, novel and full of rhythm. Rich and diverse roof forms give the building a new appearance.

9. With complete functions, the roof panel and beam are integrated, and it integrates heat preservation (using polyurethane spraying), heat insulation, ventilation, lighting and other functions.

10. Combining with Sanxing Zhenyan SP spraying and using black leather board as raw material, greatly reduce the total project cost and increase the service life of the building.

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