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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Our products have passed CE certification and ISO9001-2008 quality system certification
  • The chairman of the group, Mr. Niu Changzhong, has a number of invention patents and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
  • Sanxing has many excellent engineers and skilled workers, and its equipment is sold to more than 70 countries including Germany, the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, Sudan, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc. Countries and regions.
  • Excellent quality, advanced equipment, high praise, affordable prices, and good after-sales service are highly praised by domestic and foreign partners.
  • We can design and produce various types of non-standard version equipment for customers.

Product Details

Wind Cap

Automatic rotation. Zero energy consumption. Zero noise. Zero pollution.

Unpowered roof fans are suitable for factories, warehouses, building roofs, patios, flower houses, livestock breeding, mine tunnels and all roofs.

Places for breathing, ventilation, and dispersal.


Environmental protection: no need of electricity, continuous operation, energy saving, no noise, no sparks, and explosion-proof.

Weatherproof features: arc-shaped blades, there is a gap between each blade, and the blades complement each other when rotating to fill this gap, and a lot of rain

The water is thrown along the circular pitch line, and a small amount of rain water flows down the roof along the blades and will not flow into the turbine. At the same time, the rotating turbine causes air to pass between the blades

The gap flows out and prevents rainwater from entering.

Operating device: using high-tech ball bearings, this kind of bearing is completely enclosed, and always self-lubricating, so that it can be less than 3.2Km

Rotating under the breeze at an hourly speed.

Dustproof: The turbo exhaust fan is running 24 hours a day, dust is not easy to adhere, even if it needs to be cleaned, it is very convenient.

Maintenance cost: The rotary exhaust air machine does not need to be repaired, nor does it need to replace parts, and provides excellent quality, so choose a motorless turbine

Opportunity is a good protection for investors.

Light weight: The turbine exhaust machine is installed on the roof with the base and the total weight is about 15Kg/seat, which is quite light. When designing the load of the steel structure,

No need to consider.

Daylighting: There is a gap between the blades and the light will enter the room from this, which can increase the illumination by 5-10% and save electricity.

Life: Generally, the service life is more than 15 years.

Wide range of application: only need a breeze with a wind speed of 0.2m/s, or the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is 0.5℃ or more, it can rotate without interruption, not only suitable for flat roofs, but also

The turbine axis can be adjusted to a vertical state on a pitched roof that does not exceed 31.5°.

Scope of application

 Produce air convection and exhaust heat.

Reduce indoor temperature and increase indoor fresh air.

Reduce the air conditioning load and increase the cooling effect.

Exhaust the moisture, mold and steam from the roof and keep the roof dry.

Replace the heavy-duty electric exhaust fan, reduce the cost of the support, save the electricity bill, and reduce the noise.

Suitable for ventilation, ventilation and air dispersal of factories, warehouses, building roofs, patios, flower houses, livestock breeding, mine tunnels and all roofs.


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