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Benefit comparison of steel silo
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Comparison of advantages

1. Good overall performance and long life. During the construction of the steel silo, it is completely constructed by special equipment. During the rolling process, the outer wall of the silo is bitten into a spiral convex strip 5 times the material thickness and 30 mm-40 mm wide, which greatly strengthens the load-bearing capacity of the silo body Ability to make the overall strength, stability and shock resistance of steel silo better than other silo. In addition, according to the requirements of anti-corrosion and grinding strength of the stored materials, the warehouse material department selects the best plate ratio, so that its normal service life can reach 30-40 years. Far exceeds the service life of other warehouses.

2. Good airtight performance and wide application. Because the steel silo adopts special equipment for bending and biting of the coil silo, it can ensure the quality of any part of the silo body in the process, so its sealing is particularly good, and it can store powder such as cement, fly ash, slag ultra-fine powder, etc. Materials are widely used in the building materials industry. Such as cement plants, power plants, grinding stations.

3. Short construction period and low cost. On-site construction of spiral bite steel silo, installation on the top of the silo The forming and bending line speed of Philips construction equipment can reach 5 meters per minute, without scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities, so the construction period is extremely short. The spiral bite steel silo is all made of thin steel, and the weight is only equivalent to the weight of the steel bar of the same capacity reinforced concrete silo, which greatly reduces the cost. In addition, because it can bend and shape two different materials inside and outside the cylinder with the double-layer bending method, it can greatly reduce the engineering cost of storing corrosive materials in chemical, environmental protection and other industries.

4. Small footprint and easy management. Spiral bite steel silo is different from other steel silo, the height and diameter can be selected arbitrarily in a larger range. The minimum distance between the two warehouses is 500 mm, which can make full use of space and reduce floor space. The spiral bite steel silo has a high degree of automation, and is equipped with temperature measurement, material level and other equipment, which is very convenient for users to manage.

5. High strength: The continuous spiral undercut of the steel silo is five times the thickness of the base material, which greatly enhances the load resistance of the steel silo.

6. Less floor space and light weight: The height and diameter of the Dazheng silo can be selected arbitrarily in a large range, and the steel silo spacing is as small as 50 cm, which can make full use of the space. The self-weight of the spiral crimping steel silo is only 1/6 of that of the concrete silo of the same volume, which is the same as the steel bar weight of the concrete silo of the same volume, which can greatly reduce the load of the foundation structure and the cost of building the warehouse.

Performance comparison

The steel silo has the characteristics of light weight, low requirements on the foundation," (average half of the construction period of the reinforced concrete silo), small floor space, labor saving, and low cost. It can also be used for the inner and outer walls of the silo. Two different materials are processed and integrated, which can reduce construction costs. At the same time, steel silo construction is basically not affected by factors such as seasons and weather, and the use of enterprises can quickly obtain good economic benefits. According to actual calculations, compared with reinforced concrete silos of the same capacity, steel silo uses almost the same amount of steel and steel, and the amount of cement is saved by about 2/3. Concrete silos require high basic costs and high total investment due to their own weight and height. To be 15%-40% higher,

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