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How to deal with the thermal insulation of non-beam arch corrugated steel roof
Release time: 2020-12-24 15:36:33  Hits: 93

There are two methods for thermal insulation treatment of non-beam arch corrugated steel roof:

1. Polyurethane spraying

Polyurethane spraying is a commonly used method of thermal insulation for arched corrugated steel roofs. The construction is fast and the effect is good. At present, all domestic grain warehouses use this kind of thermal insulation method. The rigid foam polyurethane itself is light in weight, so after spraying, it has no effect on the overall structural safety of the arched corrugated steel roof. The polyurethane high-pressure spraying machine produced by Sanxing adopts American advanced technology, with good spraying effect, high efficiency, economical and practical.

2. Glass wool

For example, glass wool is used for heat preservation and heat insulation of the arched corrugated steel roof. After laying glass wool on the original roof, a layer of 0.8MM sheet is added. It is relatively advanced in the current domestic market, and the heat preservation effect is also ideal, and the cost is reasonable , The construction technology is mature. It is an ideal choice for projects that require thermal insulation on the market.

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