ACM No Girder Arch Roof Forming Machine

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Product Details

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The effective length is measured by two kinds of instruments: electronic or mechanical.
  • The rollers are all made of high quality structural steel, refined and forged, and the surface is plated with hard chromium, high hardness and long life of the roll.
  • The bending adjustment of arch plate adopts power handwheel and counter, which is easy to operate and ensures the accuracy of quality and size.
  • The spreader is light (30KG for American spreader and 2KG for our company),  it is easy to load and unload, and the hoisting speed is fast.
  • The press section is equipped with automatic transmission color steel plate power device, can be pressed 0.5~1.5 mm thick color steel plate, when pressing without frequent adjustment of roll pressure gap due to the change of sheet thickness, to ensure the normal production of color plate without scratching film, like

Product Details

It is the first product of Sanxing Group, existing 28 years till 2020. It is our star product. The biggest span can reach 45 meters, which is much more advanced than American product. The project can be finished in a short period, with low cost, beautiful outlook, non-maintaining. It is suitable for hanger, warehouse, gymnasium, market, workshop, villa, parking etc.

The company produces ACM arch board equipment products 

ACM No-Girder Arch Roof Forming Machine

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Regular Models:

Main TypeSX-600-305    Feeding Width 600mm    Effective Width305mm    Groove Depth109mm    Thickness0.6-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤26/18m      Usage Rate51%

Main TypeSX-625-330    Feeding Width 625mm    Effective Width330mm    Groove Depth108mm    Thickness0.6-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤26/18m      Usage Rate53%

Main TypeSX-914-610    Feeding Width 914mm    Effective Width610mm   Groove Depth203mm     Thickness 0.8-1.5mm   Proper Spa≤36/20m      Usage Rate 67%

Main TypeSX-1000-400  Feeding Width1000mm    Effective Width400mm   Groove Depth 253mm    Thickness0.8-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤40/28m      Usage Rate40%

Main TypeSX-1000-550  Feeding Width1000mm    Effective Width550mm   Groove Depth187mm     Thickness0.8-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤36/20m      Usage Rate55%

Main TypeSX-1000-630  Feeding Width1000mm    Effective Width630mm   Groove Depth225mm     Thickness0.8-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤38/22m      Usage Rate63%

Main TypeSX-1000-680  Feeding Width 1000mm   Effective Width680mm   Groove Depth223mm     Thickness0.8-1.5mm    Proper Spa≤30/15m Usage Rate68%

Main TypeSX-1250-500  Feeding Width 1250mm   Effective Width500mm   Groove Depth295mm     Thickness0.8-1.5mm    Proper Spa ≤45/30m Usage Rate40%

Yingkou Sanxing Group

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