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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Our products have passed CE certification and ISO9001-2008 quality system certification
  • The chairman of the group, Mr. Niu Changzhong, has a number of invention patents and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.
  • Sanxing has many excellent engineers and skilled workers, and its equipment is sold to more than 70 countries including Germany, the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kuwait, Sudan, South Africa, Bangladesh, etc. Countries and regions.
  • Excellent quality, advanced equipment, high praise, affordable prices, and good after-sales service are highly praised by domestic and foreign partners.
  • We can design and produce various types of non-standard version equipment for customers.

Product Details

SP stone painting   Sanxing SP Painting  Stone paint   stone painting

Sanxing SP perfect match: Primer+Sanxing Sp material+Transparent top coat

Sanxing SP material's application

1. Villa, high-grade house, apartment building, cafe indoor and outdoor decoration.

2. Shop, office building, hotel, restaurant indoor and outdoor decoration.

3. School, gymnasium, hall indoor and outdoor decoration.

Main advantages of Sanxing SP stone paint material:

Advantages 1: decorative strong, with imitation natural stone, marble, granite thick paste paint. Natural color, with the texture of natural stone, various line design, it can provide a variety of three-dimensional shape of the pattern structure, it can visually show the elegant and dignified beauty of the whole building, is the best substitute for the external wall dry hanging stone.

Advantage 2: Wide application

Can be used for metal, cement brick wall, foam, gypsum, aluminum plate, glass and other base surface, and can be arbitrarily coated with the shape of the building.

Advantages 3: Water-based Environmental Protection

 Using water-based emulsion, non-toxic environmental protection, in line with people's requirements for environmental protection.

Advantage 4: Good stain resistance

90% of the dirt is difficult to attach. After the rain is washed, it is as bright as new, and it is easier to clean manually


Advantage 5: long service life

The service life can be as long as 25 years.


Advantage 6: economical and practical

The price of a good quality SP real rock paint is about 70-150 yuan per square meter (including construction), and the installation cost of dry hanging stone includes at least 400 yuan / square meter. The cheapest SP real rock paint material cost is only 15- 25 yuan, in comparison, SP true rock paint has an absolute cost-effective advantage.

Advantage 7: No security risks

The use of stone dry hanging on the outer wall will load thousands of tons of additional burden, which is seriously endangering lives and property. The material of SP true rock paint is 4-5/ , which only accounts for 1/30 of the weight of the stone. It has strong adhesion and will not fall off as a whole, effectively guaranteeing safety.

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